BoA 6th Korean Album “Back To The Girl” !? (NOT TRUE)

BoA’s 6th entitled “Back To The Girl” will be released this July, It’s unique since her last album title was “Girls on Top”. It’s not confirmed yet. Hopefully it’s true coz I can’t wait any longer for her album ^^

(this was only fanmade, the real one is coming this 2010)


21 comments on “BoA 6th Korean Album “Back To The Girl” !? (NOT TRUE)

  1. Well…
    Just don’t get too excited until it’s 100% confirmed~
    Otherwise, you’ll feel disappointed~
    Rite? XD

  2. wahaha~ i love BoA’s korean albums!!! I hope its like GOT, BoA’s korean music always have up beat and catchy dance songs!!!~~!!!~~ and the dance,too!! wa wa wa BoA!!!( rhymes..) 😀


    01. Intro _ REC. 고맙습니다 [Thank you]
    02. Back To The Girl
    03. 사랑시대 [Era of Love] (Feat.Chae Dong Ha)
    04. Music Is My Life, My Friend
    05. Music Street
    06. 환각 [Hallucinations] (Feat.T.O.P&Tablo&DJ 2Cut)
    07. 미쳐가나봐 [Tripping]
    08. 찌그러지는 거울 [Grab the mirror]
    09. Dirty World
    10. 미안합니다 [I’m sorry]
    11. 세상에서 가장 아름다운 이별 [The world’s most beautiful breakup] (Feat.Monday Kiz)
    12. Cat’s

  4. I’m afraid it just a rumor, since it’s rumored to be released on July, and I think it’s even late to do the promotion now.. T.T I’m so sad if it’s not true

  5. Hey! My 1st tym writing on here. Great blog boamyjewel. But yeah, I agree w/ you all; probably a rumore. At first I thought it could be true, but now I see that it’s probably a rumor. My reasons:

    1 & 2) The tracks. I’m a HUGE BIG BANG fan, & I’m sure if BoA* collaborated w/ TOP, I’m sure I would have known about (giving that we are married…haha, j/k) or Mr.YG would have said something about it. As well, I found it ironic that she did a collabo w/ the Monday Kidz after one of the members death.

    3) Her last Korean album, BoA* sported a “tomboy-ish/ edgy” look. I think whoever thought of the album title thought this through – she’s going back to her older look…when she looked more gurly.

    But anywayz, hope I wasn’t talking in circles. BTW, nice cover art. XD Liked the futurisic feel it has going on.

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