Jewelry Box~10000 SHINES~

Wahhh, finally we’ve reached 10,000 shines (as known as hits ^__^). We get it ater a while. It’s not in an instant time. BoA’s Jewelry Box’s birthday is 21st February, so we have been together since 3 months ago. I’m so glad that you all keep supporting BoA’s Jewelry Box by visiting and posting your comment here. I know my blog is not as good as the other blog yet. But I will try to increase the quality of my blog, including reviewing, writing and photoshopping skill all the time, so our blog will get better and better. Once again sincerely THANK YOU!

As a gift of thank to you, there are some update waiting forward:
– BoAMyJewel banner shop rebirth
– Jewelry Box Museum
– BoA special report
– My J-pop collection
– Artists Discography
– Jewelry Box official magazine
– 10 free banners for 10 fastest posters
Some of them need some requirement and your sincerely support. Jewelry Box Museum will be created after 10 requests of set from my banner shop. Then I will show almost all of my photoshop works that I think would be enjoyed by the reader. And 10 free banners will be activated after this blog get more comments (at least 10 different people in one post). So keep waiting for these updates. I know I can’t do all directly. I will do it slowly, one by one. See you later guys~ Fredy


7 comments on “Jewelry Box~10000 SHINES~

  1. YAYYYY!!! Does that mean i’m the first one to comment? ~~~jk jk

    Ahaha~ I do alot of funny play with me alot..there are soo many unbelieveable things that happende to me..

    Aieee?? My name? aha~ my name is BoA!!! ahaha I love that song!!! she’s so pretty in that MV and her dance are just *_* sparkle sparkle!

    My name is Fullmoon…
    its werid..and not normal..but there is a meaning to this name… about my past..present..and future!!! (sounds creepy..)I know its werid but its the way it is..T_T

    My school does not accept this, since its not normal or I go by my real given name “Yu”..its not suppose to sound like “You” or “Yo”…but i dont know how I can explain its pronounciation..:( anyay i get made fun by the name and many mistakes..some times ppl call “You” in hallway and I thought they are calling me…

    but ur name is sweet. Fredy. it sounds very smooth and nice!!

    thx for adding! thx for reading! and thx for…want to marry BoA!!!

    whoohooo,10000 shines in 3 months, that awsome, i think!
    (i dun have a blog, so–well, yeah..)

    I hope Jewerly Box will be more famous and great!!

    Wish you luck, dude!
    *raised a wand*
    *witch greeting from me*
    *potter addicted*

  3. Congratulations! Your photoshopping is amazing. I wish I was that good. I can never get my own banner or anything lol… anyhoo. Keep up the good work!

    Patrick (Who’s Afraid of Music?)

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