OPTIONAL BOX~within the SKY~

Hello! from now I will keep posting OPTIONAL BOX which will be containing different stuff every time. It’s not always related to J-POP artist, but I will try to make it fun. So here is OPTIONAL BOX the first “within the SKY”. I got nothing to do, so I decided to make BoA’s Album should be like…

artist : BoA
Language : Japanese
Title : within the SKY

CD Only


01. Punk Lady!
02. Sparkling
03. Next STAR
04. VALENTiNous Fire
05. Urban Lady
06. SOUL
07. Synchronize
08. smoky day
09. Song of Rain
10. FLY~within the SKY~
12. Rose Garden
13. Kissing you
14. WIND

01. Kissing you
02. Sparkling
03. VALENTiNous Fire
04. SOUL
05. Song of Rain
06. smoky day
07. Next STAR
08. Punk Lady!
09. Urban Lady
10. FLY
BoA TV 5-FLY to the SKY within the WIND-

So, what do you think? hahaha I love my own tracklist so much hahahaha. That’s it!


10 comments on “OPTIONAL BOX~within the SKY~

  1. Hmm…
    I do have some guessing where did you get those title from XD
    Not downloadable (yet)?

  2. wow it’s really cool! I love BoA with bangs, her eyes are shinny!! O_O.

    Aieee…I really love BoA’s voice, and I really look up to her, ❤ since she worked so hard to become a very very good singer. I don’t have the confidence to review her..T_T..espically when there are soo many good reviewers who did so nice job already…like You!!! ahaha and If i review BoA I would probably gave her all A’s..^^* I thought all her songs are good!
    Eeep..maybe in the future..

    when i saw ur id name I think of the “Jewel Song”..cuz its BoA my jewel . do you like that song??

    Ooh which BoA album is your favorite? Mine is VALENTI and THE FACE, I like BoA ‘s pop songs..her ballads are very similar, but beautiful,too!!!!!!!

  3. Ahaha THX~

    I likes to write about my life..even though there’s nothing important-_-..just..sometimes I feel so mad and sad or whatever I’d like to express it..feels much better..-_-

    ur favorite alum is love&honesty? I love the album cover..she look like angel..so pure and cute >_<
    that album’s song really match the album name!! i feel love&honesty (the song) is really sweet..cute opening with classical music!! -_-
    and DOUBLE is so cool.too!!!

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