[SINGLE] BoA – Vivid (Review + Download) + Namie Amuro – BLACK DIAMOND (Review)

BoA‘s 26th Single 『Vivid』 finally out online. It contains 2 A sides and a B side.
Here is the tracklist :

01. Kissing you
02. Sparkling
03. Joyful Smile
04. Kissing you-instrumental-
05. Sparkling-instrumental-
06. Joyful Smile-instrumental-
CD Extra
Vivid Jacket Shooting Off Shot + Kissing you&Sparkling Music Clip Digest



01. Kissing you
02. Sparkling
03. Joyful Smile
04. Kissing you-instrumental-
05. Sparkling-instrumental-
06. Joyful Smile-instrumental-
01. Kissing you PV
02. Sparkling PV
03. BoA TV 2nd Season -Kissing you & Sparkling Music Clip Making-

Kissing you
Begins with very oldies piano and finger clicking, which sound so addictive, then she starts with the chorus It’s cute and cheerful, though I don’t find any strong part in this song. The instrumental gives us a damn happy feeling, the little percussion part in it also sounds so kiddy-cute and sweet as chocolate (make me always smiles when i’m listening to this song). I also find the orchestrical things are interesting, unlike the uncatchy drum line. although it’s not a strong song, it still so enjoyable and groovy. I think if I compare this song to her previous songs it matches with Shine We Are! but a cuter and slower version

Starts with slow piano and so enjoyable, everyone will think if this song is a ballads, but in no time it changes its beat to KEY OF HEART-ish instrumental, which sounds so fresh. then the verses before the chorus leads powerfully with domination of the keyboard and a bit drum to its PERFECT Chorus! The Chorus is extremely great! I will say excellent! she sings it strongly and the drums make a damn good role in this song, brings a dancing atmosphere that says Raise your head and burn up your body .Basically all of the verses are great. it synchronizes with every part that connected. Just like 七色の明日~brand new beat~ it’s bridge begins with something sounds dark and dancy. THE BEST SONG OF 2008 SO FAR, beats Mirrorcle World!

Joyful Smile
begins with something sounds like a harmonious harp(I think it’s acoustic guitar), it’s quite groovy and then BoA starts to sing a basic cute verses. The clapping behind her voice sounds so good. The unique harp and hand clapping mix smoothly. Then about the chorus she sings it simliar with Best Friend a bit airy and smooth pitched, the instrumental doesn’t change so much. The bridge’s piano makes up the struggling feeling atmosphere then the chorus follows up with a bit messy instrumental then it backs to normal sounds like Hey I give you a hope. After all this song is good and so harmonious plus joyful \(>o<)/ and it shows something that so pure from BoA that make me want to pinch BoA’s cheek XD

It’s BoA’s first single with 3 cute songs without any other song added such as DO THE MOTION‘s キミのとなりで, and LOVE LETTER with LOVE LETTER itself. and what? I do enjoy to listen to all of the tracks, Ultimately Sparkling! a single with 3 high quality song packed in it 2 thumbs up BoA! I suggest you to buy this single. And one more! BoA’s English is just getting better.

Single Download : Kissing you | Sparkling | Joyful Smile

Lyrics : Kissing you, Sparkling & Joyful Smile

Music Videos
Kissing you

I think this PV is simple, cute, and so sweet. Love BoA’s acting when she looked at the ballon. I love the hair, so japanese. and the clothe she wears so colorful though it’s not that good. minus point for without-dance PV.


such as Kissing you, she doesn’t dance in this PV, but it still gives a bit dancing atmosphere with the dancer behind. The concept is so magical, though I hoped more for this high quality song. It’s cute and at least she wear more than 1 outfit. The computer effect is so great and cute. I will forgive for the slack in this PV coz she’s busy with her LIVE TOUR 2008~THE FACE~, and what a plus point for the ending! she did a wrong dancing part and she laughed LOL love it! so sweet and cute

Both PV have so colorful image, yeah since the single title is 『Vivid』



WOW! This song begins with very cool guitar and some other fantastic effects. Namie’s voice begins as usual, then before the chorus they added some whispering part. It’s kind of weird but not real annoying. The chorus is excellent, hot and sexy usage of English, though it’s not as that clear. Both DOUBLE and Namie sing it with airy voice. It’s hot, and then I don’t really like DOUBLE’s voice honestly. Then the bridge gives very different sensation with the rest of the song. It’s some kind of a bit more powerful and yeah ‘Super Sister’ is cute words to use for them hahahaha. This song is way better than Namie’s last what a feelin’ which her best song from her last single 60s70s80s. After all I don’t really find any annoying part except DOUBLE’s accent yeah! Hahaha but I could forgive it coz it covered with the great song and instrumental. ()


41 comments on “[SINGLE] BoA – Vivid (Review + Download) + Namie Amuro – BLACK DIAMOND (Review)

  1. I love this PV! its so childish(in a nice way, cuz i really cannot find any other words to describe my reaction). the little house and animals are super cute!!! I like the part when BoA sang in front of the camera!!!

  2. i have 2 words to describe this PV:

    i thought it was a boring song before, but now,i think IT’S TOTALLY CHEERFUL SONG!love the PV!!

    I love when BoA opened the window and start singing.Gosh,love it so much!


  3. i thought the song’s good. really good actually, compared to be with you.

    well the mv is cute but it doesn’t blow me away. come on! we all know BoA can do much better than this…

  4. I adore this song and this PV! Although the cuteness of it is a little creepy compared to stuff such as “Lose Your Mind” or “Sweet Impact”, the song is killer! I hope Sparkling will be just as wonderful.

  5. Eeep! You already got the download links? thats so incredible!!!
    I thought Sparkling is a very well made PV, BoA look soooo beautiful!!!

    I hope they can do the PV

  6. Sparkling = DAMN GOOD!!!

    love it,love it,love it, love it,love it!!!

    I love when BoA pointed at things and it start being real. so cheerful and cute!!!

    I haven’t listen Joyful smile yet.
    -so curious about this last song-

    once again, awwwwwsome!!

  7. it shoyld be, but it leaked on her SOUL fan club ^^ so I think it’s OK to put it here ^^
    hope it wont decrease the selling XD

  8. which part?
    I think she looks kinda Hmmm
    she just doesnt really feel it, but I think it’s the cute part

    I’m a BoA’s husband

  9. Swt…
    BoA’s husband?
    In your dream!
    This single, all of em is great!

    Btw I’m getting tired of speaking English~
    What about Indonesian? Lolz

  10. @hanes wah pretty far from here, ar u a member from bh?
    @nov1st lol yeah it is, i dun want to touch her hair, but i want to hug her 🙂 haha

  11. Oh yea and Namie!!! she is sooo pretty!!!!!! all her mv are pretty!!! i didnt even hear the song..for I’m concerntrating on looking at her beautiful face!! >_<

  12. Yeah I will let you know then…
    go here…
    also open a new tab or window

    Generate a Link from esnips
    open notepad and type this: (click on the image URL and see what should you type)

    Save the file as anynameyoulike.htm
    open the file in the browser and right click on the link and click save file as .. choose a save location and click OK ..
    Don’t use IE(Internet Explorer) USe Mozila or Opera Instead ^^

  13. Hey dude,

    Sparkling totally fooled me. When I first heard it I was like “Oh no. It sounds boring.” But after I gave it a chance and listened to the whole song, I only have one thing to say about it, it’s great. 😀

    Your reviews help a lot in my appreciation of the songs! 😀 Thanks.

    BTW, her songs are very.. cutesy nowadays. 😦 I kinda want a dance track. Haha.

  14. Wahh! the same here chialala! BTW yeah i’M iNDONESIAN!
    LOL dunno there’s so many Indonesian read my blog ^^

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