[SINGLE] BoA – Vivid + Namie Amuro’s NEW SONG ‘BLACK DIAMOND’


It’s BoA‘s 26th Japanese Single titled “Vivid“is gonna be released on 4th July. It contains 2 A-sides and a B-side, and the best news is SHE WILL RELEASE 2 MUSIC VIDEOS! Whoo-hoo I’ve been waiting for this kind of single

Tracklist :


01. Kissing you

02. Sparkling

03. Joyful Smile

04. Kissing you (Instumental)

05. Sparkling (Instumental)

06. Joyful Smile (Instumental)


01. Kissing you Music Clip

02. Sparkling Musc Clip

03. Making of Every Song (Limited)

The Covers are extremely Hot! I love the pink one, she looks hotter in it. I hope this single will be a hot comeback after lack of be with you. that only sold around 10.000 copies, Hope yes BoA!! And Kissing you is used as Theme Song of “7 Female Lawyers” Drama / music.jp TV-CM song, The 2nd track Sparkling will be used as Zespri Gold Kiwi TV-CM song, and the last track Joyful Smile is a TIE UP 日后公布.


Namie strikes back with BLACK DIAMOND that appears in DOUBLE’s THE BEST COLLABORATIONS,

I’ve heard the preview (Click to download), It’s so sexy and I think it’s gonna hits and raise DOUBLE’s selling points by a million hahahaha. basically I love this song more than previous 60s70s80s

credit : Josh012595


3 comments on “[SINGLE] BoA – Vivid + Namie Amuro’s NEW SONG ‘BLACK DIAMOND’

  1. My Gosh!!! I really love Namie and this song is one of the greatest songs EVER!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    I really like this one, despite my favorite single/song of hers is the younger “WILD/Dr.” Anyway, all the Singles of Amuro-san and the collabs are totally priceless 😀

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