[DVD] BoA – THE LIVE “X’mas” Review

Hey guys, I just got my THE LIVE “X’mas” DVD yesterday, and I loved it. It’s BoA’s 6th Live performance, and I could say I miss this kind of performances. I’m gonna review it!!




Tracklist :
01. The Christmas Song
03. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
04. kimi no tonari de
05. Winter Love
06. Sekai no Katasumide
07. First Snow
08. Santa Baby
10. make a secret
11. flower
12. konoyono shirushi
13. Diamond Hearts
14. Jingle Bells
16. With U
17. Meri Kuri


Part 1
The concert begins with very slow song The Christmas Song, her outfit looks cute and adorable, with a bit wavy hair, the only thing annoys my eyes is the random ribbon behind her hat. Then she talks with very, after that she sings LOVE LETTER, it’s an outstanding performance, The Orchestra put so much effort in this song, and so does BoA! The high pitch is slightly enjoyable. The next song is Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, and The Orchestra made it again! Very Orchestral! She sang 3 of those songs with not that strong except LOVE LETTER. Again she sings kimi no tonari de with the dominated piano. It’s a good performance though it’s a bit boring. Then Winter Loves strikes strongly, the percussionist is so great! , and Sekai no Katasumi is a masterpiece of art, the lighting system is gorgeous, the best lighting system in all of these performances. First Snow is the last song from this part, much fog appears in the middle of the song, I love the piano and suddenly the violins strike up! So strong and yeah good performance.

Part 2
Begins with Santa Baby, she wears very hot outfits and very big hat, for the first time the cross behind the stage lighted for that gorgeous, and the choreography is also great! The part when the dancers make a circle and, it ends with BoA being lifted by the dancers, one of the best performances. DO THE MOTION unique part is on the beginning, when she says “Wait a moment please” and music stops, so cool. The next performance is my favorite, make a secret, begins without any light that focused on BoA. She doesn’t sing 50% of the chorus, but she does dance! She also dances ant the end of this song, just extremely hot! If you saw it she loses her balance once. The next one is flower, this song sounds weaker than the original version. Konoyono shirushi is just a basic performance, it’s enjoyable. The next one is said as her best performances in this DVD, Diamond Heart. Very Cheerful dancing and singing, overall it’s an excellent performance just like make a secret, but I still prefer make a secret. And then the last song from this part is Jingle Bells, She asked the audience to sing together and say Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. Not so much response. Then she changed it to Engrish “Jinggiberu Jinggiberu” and she got more response, cute than she asked to sing in Japanese and Korean, fun stuff to make me smile.
Part 3
She appears with Red Dress just like the cover of this DVD, it’s not that catchy but also not annoying. She starts with very dancy LOSE YOUR MIND, the only thing that annoys me is, the chorus named ‘Motoyashi Matsuura’(Pianist + Chorus) he messes this song up. When he sings shoo do be part, I laughed like a carp! LOL, Then very cheerful With U performance, it’s very BoA-ish and energetic. The last song is Meri Kuri, There’s a part when the light goes off and there’s a starry light behind so cool and yeah, she cries at the end! When the light turned off the applauses still keep coming and the cross shines, so does the candle.

The making of
It just an additional contents, so cute and funny, BoA wears spider man jacket and did a very funny pose! Everyone Merry belated Christmas LOL.

The Candles is so great, the cross behind there also supported so many thing in this live performance. The starry sky in Meri Kuri is also Gorgeus, it’s very great for BoA’s THE LIVE 2nd edition so I will give :

It’s great but a bit boring, the best one is Sekai no Katasumide.


Excellent DVD! Nothing to say, should buy it and rewatch it over and over, just like me.


3 comments on “[DVD] BoA – THE LIVE “X’mas” Review

  1. LOVE IT SO MUCH! Santa baby is the best performance!!!!

    I love Diamond Heart’s dance. so cheerful!

    this concert is the one of the best, after all!!love it!

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