[SINGLE] Koda Kumi – 4 Elements : MOON

Koda’s 40th Single is about to out, Moon Crying itself will be used as a soundtrack of PUZZLE. It contains 4 different music styles, Moon crying is a ballads, That Ain’t Cool maybe something like Hip hop, and One again is a collaboration with Japanese reggae singer. It’s her first 4 included songs since FREAKY and 4 hot waves. here is the

Treacklist :

  1. Moon Crying
  2. That Ain’t Cool (feat. Fergie)
  3. One Again (PUSHIMcollaboration)
  4. Untitled trac
  5. Moon Crying -Instrumental-
  6. That Ain’t Cool (feat. Fergie) -Instrumental-
  7. One Again (PUSHIM collaboration) -Instrumental-
  8. Untitled track-Instrumental-
  9. Bonus Track (First press limited edition)

There will be 2 PVs Moon Crying and That Ain’t Cool, I just can’t wait to hear the second track hahaha, I’ve heard the preview, it’s pretty good and yeah promising!


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