[SINGLE] mihimaru GT – Giri Giri HERO REVIEW

It’s mihimaru GT‘s 17th Single, titled Giri Giri HERO. The single contains 3 songs! the title song also used as “Shaolin Girl” Theme song, which the cut of the film was used for mihimaru GT’s MV.

COVER : The cover just so cute and … cute! I love Hiroko’s pink outfit. Too bad it just look boring. But it still cute lol.
SCORE : 7,5/10

Giri Giri HERO

The Intro is so mihimaru GT-ish, overall of this song is enjoyable! Very very enjoyable, I love the chorus so much! It just burn something in me. And finally after Gazen Yeah!, Miyake hasn’t done a cheerful rap! He does in this song! And that means WOW! The drum that rolls before the chorus is perfect. And the piano is just 100% match this song!
One more! Miyake rap is cool! But it’s not a very strong song.
SCORE : 9,5/10
Koisuru Kimochi-acoustic version-

The piano is wow-ly perfect! This version is not as strong as the original song, but it still quite enjoyable, since basically this song is good. The Instrument just sounds so calming. I just love this acoustic version! Sounds so exotic or wtv it’s called –lha!? But I’m not a big fan of weak song.
SCORE : 7,8/10
The song begins with very dancy and groovy and cute chorus! Everything about this song is just so groovy! Makes me want to groove! The Instrument is just creative, changed every time. Their rap is way too cool! It so enjoyable! Love love love it! Though the song title is nonsense(I love this kind of title). The talking part is cute and funny! It’s more enjoyable than Koisuru Kimochi.
SCORE : 9,3/10

OVERALL : 8,86
This single is so enjoyable! Both of Giri Giri HERO and BOW WOW SYSTEM GO are so groovy, and they also put soft side of mihimaru GT within those track. I just enjoy this release.


Giri Giri HERO
a very cute performance by hiroko and miyake. They only wear 1 outfit. bit boring but still enjoyable. They also put some part from funny Shaolin Girl film, the film is totally drive me crazy LOL


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