[SINGLE] Ayumi Hamasaki – Mirrorcle World REVIEW

Mirrorcle World is ayumi hamasaki’s 20th No.1 consecutive single. It contains 3 track for each edition. Mirrorcle World and Life are appear in all edition. YOU appears in only 2 edition, and so is Depend on You.

COVER : This single has 4 jackets in total, all of them are GORGEUS!!Love her long hair. She is nude, and the butterflies give a natural accent on it! The butterflies just make the nude part even looks more natural! The concept is good! The only thing that annoys me is the crystals on the butterflies’ wings, it looks so cheap.
SCORE : 9.5/10

Mirrorcle World
The song begins with very enjoyable magical intro, then the strong percussions jump into the song. Then she start sing this song toughly! WOW! The Chorus went so WOW! It explodes like ‘OMG’ it’s so cool! Then, The bridge also sounds so strong, first it starts with slow violin, then it explodes with amazing electric guitar! wow wow yeah its so strong and so adorable LOL! I think It’s the best song of the year so far!
SCORE : 10/10
The intro begins with guitar, sounds like MY ALL, the verses sound just very unspecial, but it sounds a bit painful. The chorus is quite enjoyable but yet be boring. There’s nothing special about the instrumental.
SCORE : 7,5/10
Depend on You (10th Anniversary Version)
It just so different from her last version of this song. She puts more vibration in it. The Instrument doesn’t change so much. Yes It has changed but nothing is really WOW!? She has re-sung this song once. So I think she picked the wrong song. I just want a new version of AUDIENCE.
SCORE : 7,5/10
YOU (10th Anniversary Version)

It just a bit different on the beginning, the northern breeze version has a better intro. But this song is still very enjoyable, they put a better instrument. And yeah it’s more enjoyable than Depend on You. both are good, but YOU is better!
SCORE : 8,8/10

OVERALL : 8,45/10
This is so enjoyable, and it will grow on every of you! Just my opinion, buy the YOU version instead of the Depend on You version.

Mirrorcle World
Can I say it begins so promising, They show the view of Paris. When the percussion part begins she walks within the beat, it’s cool but yet boring coz she does it almost in half of the MV. There’s also some not important random man. The second outfit is a sexy one. Though she doesn’t do something really meaningful it’s cool! she also wears very big red dress, I think she picked the wrong color. White is way better! And they also put some random pigeons. It’s just make it even nonsense-er. The last part is cool when she is singing in the telephone box. but it ends with someone ride her a car!? They very out of concept!
SCORE :7,0/10


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