[SINGLE] Namie Amuro – 60s70s80s review

I know it’s kinda late, but I just got time to review this single

It’s the 1st No.1 Single from Namie Amuro since 10 years! WOW! it contains 3 A-sides! Extreme, after the successes of BABY DON’T CRY and PLAY, she released another catchy single!
VIDAL SASOON is featured in this single, it’s a shampoo producer.

01. New Look
02. Rock Steady
03. What a feelin’
04. New Look (Instrumental)
05. Rock Steady (Instrumental)
06. What a feelin’ (Instrumental)


New look
This song is cute, the instrument is cute and entertaining, perfectly oldies. The back vocal is perfect! But the only thing i don’t like is the way Namie sings, she sounds so bored
SCORE : 8,5/10

Rock Steady
This song is basicly cool, I laugh at ‘Rock Steady Baby’ part, LOL I just love to copy it and laugh at it, LOL! The instrument is boring, but the song is good! BUT! the chorus ruins up everything! bungee jump part is so ‘-___-‘, yeah but still enjoyable
SCORE : 8,5/10

What a feelin’
I love 80s music, and I think this track is my fave. The instrument is super, and she sounds ‘pay more attention’ in this song, coz she doesn’t sound bored, The chorus is hot, and back to the instrument it’s so …80s lol, and the rap she did is HAWT! But waht I can’t do? I get bored to this song so fast!?
SCORE : 9,0/10

OVERALL : 8,8/10
It contains 3 A sides, what’s more?


2 comments on “[SINGLE] Namie Amuro – 60s70s80s review

  1. This is the single I’ve been DYING (ok prob not dying) to hear since a long time ago and still haven’t gotten the chance to do so yet.

    I heard all 3 songs were covers of their respective eras (a 60s song, a 70s song, an 80s song)… is that true?

  2. yeah that’s true! i love the concept! it’s so creative and wow! the songs are good, but not great for me hehehe

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