[ALBUM] Ken Hirai – fakin’ pop review

fakin’ pop is very creative concept ed album, it’s taken from 2 of Ken Hirai’s song, POP STAR and fake star!

I’m gonna give a short review

The memorable ballads dominated this album, such as painful elegy, gentle Canvas & Gorgeous Shashin. Both Shashin and elegy start with very enjoyable piano sounds. I love both of this song to extreme, every part of the song is so good, not boring even it’s slow.

Not only ballads, a beautiful groovy song also participated, such as POP STAR, fake star & UPSET, I’m so into UPSET right now! I only hear it once and I fell into it lol, and fake star is a very cool song, with cool vocal, POP STAR basically is a cute song, it’s good but nothing is special

The catchiest title in this album is Twenty!Twenty!Twenty!, It’s a bit humble but quite enjoyable and it’s a cute song such as Bye My Melody. Oh Yeah Kimino Suki na Toko also a very good song! It sounds so harmonious! hug also sounds almost the same but I love Kimino Suki na Toko a little better. Utsukushii Hito also starts with beautiful Piano sound, such as Shashin. Oh yeah, Itsuka Hanareru Hi ga Kite mo also starts with a good part, but this song is a bit boring and weak yeah, well.



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