[ALBUM] ayu-mi-x 6 review

this CD begins with STEP you, which has an annoying mixed instruments and vocals, but it still quite enjoyable. The second track is Moments, the song begins with very surprising Instrument, this song is originally a mid-tempo ballads, but they made a very dancy mix whoah!. The craziness continues when the song reaches the first chorus. My favorite part is when it reaches the last chorus, DING the music suddenly changes, but it doesn’t last long since the instrument backs into the crazy one, it’s not a memorable mix for me.

talkin’ 2 myself, they made the vocals flow faster. I love this mix coz they keep using the chorus, and instrumental is not annoying at all, it sounds so RPG-ish. I think game lover will love this mix. Beautiful Fighters begins so promising, but basically Beautiful Fighters itself is not a very catchy song, and this mix flows so boring and the instrument goes to annoy the listener, though it sounds cool first. INSPIRE sounds so robotic or what lha-it’s-called. They made the instrument catchier than the vocal, I love the original song, I don’t understand why they keep repeating the kuchi-kuchi part lol, so funny.

The 6th song, Greatful Days begins with beautiful vocal but I don’t really like the ga-te-ta ga-te-te-et part, they use it too long! Shoot! It’s so annoying! It makes me want to press the Fast forward button on my music player. Startin’ begins so boring. They put another boring instrument, I thought this mix will rock this album since this song makes me buy her ‘Secret’ album. The next song is glitter. I love the instruments so much. Reminds me with her ‘SURREAL’. And they put some orchestra in it though it doesn’t match the song. It sounds so fresh but you will get this song off so easily, I only hear to this song once, lol.

BLUE BIRD begins with so summer-ish beat. When ayu starts to sing it sounds so calm, but not boring, yeah I think I love this mix! Though they make this song a bit slower. But, WAIT! When she sings the chorus it sounds so boo-ring, OK I haven’t found any favorite in this album after talkin’ 2 myself.


ourselves attacks with very urban-ish mix! They make this song flow faster! Love it! It sounds so professional. This album back to the boring state with Ladies Night, but I love the short-rap hehehe! And again! they keep repeating ‘Ladies Night Ladies Night Ni~~ght” Over and over ahhh super boring!

The last track is HAPPY ENDING! I think it just a SAD ENDING coz it sounds so boring and weird!? Can I say that? Bleh!

SHOULD HEAR SONGS : talkin’ 2 myself x STONEBRIDGE & ourselves x COLDCUT

SCORE : 7,0/10

Only 2 songs build this album what?

GAME is basically a good remix, they put a very professional touch in it, but I can’t really enjoy the instrument. Together When… another boring remix, none of the touch they did in this song stole my attention, they made it slower what? I can’t take it!

No way to say begins so beautiful and calm, the melodies changed to Club music when it reaches the chorus, and I think it’s good but quite boring, again they keep repeating weird part over and over “atayaku-omo”.

alterna blows your mind off! It starts so dancy, the drum is like WOW! But huh? Another repeating part, Boo!

Oh My God! I still love this world, don’t take me!

HEAVEN makes me fly to the heaven! It starts with a harmonious sound! Yet It changes to the dancy mix, but yeah! I love it coz it’s not that weird lol, they still put harmonious melodies within the dancy mix Ahhh so excellent! The Instrument sounds so angelous!

fated sounds almost the same with HEAVEN, but not as harmonious! I meant they just still put the harmonious part within the dancy mix, and yeah it sounds so smooth, love it! About You sounds so less-melodies! And I don’t really like slower mix hah, so yeah it’s a so so mix. decision begins with so hmm good opening… but when the vocal starts it sounds so unmatched! Whoah! Who knows? A very very slow ballads like JEWEL has changed into very very dancy ballads(!?) it’so normal and not that memorable.
CAROLS, can’t say anything! They made it slower again? And boring! The instrument is so humble! part of Me, another slower song! It’s killing me! But I like the instrument, so groovy! And the chorus part is a pretty good (if they didn’t make the vocal slower).

Our journey ends with very humble mix, walking proud. The instrument doesn’t change so much, so it’s a bit boring for me…


SCORE : 6,8/10

Horrible it sounds even boring than the GOLD one, HEAVEN helps this album so much! Yeah…


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