[SINGLE] mihimaru GT : ギリギリHERO

After releasing their last single, diverge. mihimaru gonna hit oricon chart with their 17th Single, ギリギリHERO (GiriGiriHero). It said this song is compareable with their most success single Kibun JouJou↑↑. This single also contain their previous song, 恋する気持ち(Koisuru Kimochi). But now they mix it with a new version. This single is going to be released on 30th April 2008. The single title will be used for Shaolin Shoujo Movie.

Here is the Tracklist
1. ギリギリHERO
2. 恋する気持ち -acoustic ver-
4. ギリギリHERO(Instrumental)
5. 恋する気持ち (Instrumental)
6. BOW WOW SYSTEM GO (Instrumental)
– ギリギリHERO PV
– ギリギリHERO making off


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