BoA BoA BoA~

I’ve know BoA for years (5 years roughly). The first song that impressed me is Every Heart-minna no kimochi-, Theme song of Inu Yasha. Then I found her Next World album. I bought it coz I found Every Heart in it. But, but! Every single of the song from that album ARE GREAT! VALENTI, LISTEN TO MY HEART, Kiseki, Amazing Kiss, etc. OMG! Then I watched MTV Asia Awards 2004, BoA got 2 awards and she sang Rock With You! I don’t know why I kept shouting and smiling happily! Oh yeah I bought LOVE & HONESTY before I watched that performance, so I sang the song too Hehehe!

PART 2 ~All love BoA~
I Introduced BoA to many people! Friends & Family! Can you believe it at least 5 people in my current class have at least 3 BoA’s song in their MP3 Player/Handphone! One of them joined BoA’s House, One of her forum. Of course I joined it too, Guess who did introduce BoA’s House to me? My cousin! He’s a Freak of BoA now!! He owns every single of her CD! (I don’t own all of’em T.T) Cool huh? I’ve pursued 5 cousins of mine! Mwahahahaha

PART 3 ~Mr. M~
After the gossip of Mr.M (The man who kissed BoA! [DANG! HOW LUCKY IS THAT GUY!”]) BoA’s CDs never outsells her last famous single DO THE MOTION, She began to get her fame dropped since make a secret. Though her singles are good (such as Dakishimeru and Everlasting), It wasn’t helping her OUTGROW selling, her 4th Japanese album! It’s dropped for roughly 500k copies since her last album LOVE & HONESTY!! Her 5th Album even done worse.

PART 4 ~She broke her ankle~
Poor BoA hahaha she highkicked and get her ankle damaged! She was performing be the one in her BEST OF SOUL ARENA TOUR! After that she cried when she was performing Meri Kuri! Her 1st Hottest cool Ballads XD. After recovered, her ankle somehowly get hurt again, she couldn’t dance in her KEY OF HEART performance at a-nation. She did struggle! Ahh She’s so professional. Now! She has totally recovered? After her long break from dancing, she came back with Nike CF.

PART 5 ~Bitter Impact~
Her last CF from KOSE used Sweet Impact as the background song impressed all of her fan! All thought Sweet Impact will re-break her record. But, it just sold around 40k, one of her lowest selling single. Who knows? Sweet Impact is the beginning of her career drop? Before the single was released another preview of the other song came out Beautiful Flowers, I had the same thought, when Sweet impact is gonna be released. But after waiting for over 3 months. The news of her New single hasn’t come ou yet! Dang! Suddenly, Diamond Heart released, many negative responds shower this song. They said something like “she can release wtv she wants”, “This song is wtv” meh I cursed those people!

When I listened to LOVE LETTER, I fell in love… Ahh I Thought it will outsell some of her good singles, since it contains 3 BERY BERY good songs! But! It only sold around 40k (almost the same with Sweet Impact). LOSE YOUR MIND made me lose my mind! I bought the CD in Japan! XD OMG I went to Japan last December( Can you believe it? I still haven’t teared the plastic package!? Silly me)! Me and my cousin supported her 2 points in oricon chart! Hahaha We’re proud of it! OMG! But it just sold around 20k!? What the hell? It stunned me! Her Lowest single selling! *whines*. 2008… She released be with you. and THE FACE in almost the same time. I was scared, can THE FACE reach The 1st Place? It leaked 1 month before the album is officially released. Fortunately IT CAN! Yay! But the bad news be with you. only sold around 10K? OK! I want to cry! I know it released 1 week before THE FACE! But be the one that also released in almost the same time with LOVE & HONESTY sold more than 40k! Ahhh What happened to her career? It just dropped and dropped.*whines*

LAST PART ~a light of hope~
I hope BoA will re-gain her popularity! *bow*! I don’t know, Karimu said that she should do a collaboration with a current famous artist. Such as EXILE! I hope BoA will re-gain her popularity and increase the quality of her works. PLEASE SUPPORT BoA! Me heart BoA

Q : How many BoA’s song did I mentioned? LOL

-Fredy A.K.A BoAMyJewel


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  1. there is but I’m not gonna post it, since I don’t have it ;-p, i’ve seen it, but i don’t save it coz, I’m jealous LOL

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