mihimaru GT : you should hear!

mihimaru GT are Hiroko & Miyake
mihimaru GT has a different style of music! That’s why I love them. But seems they aren’t that popular. That’s why I write this Post. The first song that I heard from ’em is So Merry Christmas-TAKE 06-, then I think “Hmm this girl raps”. Then i found their older song Yurume no Lady, HECK it made me so into them! Haha. If you want to know more? Hmmm did you watch Doraemon 2007 Magic? They sang for it! The song title is Kakegae no Uta (Irreplaceable poem). Their best selling single is Kibun Jojo, they just released their BEST album last year that reach the 1st place on oricon chart! You should know mihimaru GT!

I’m gonna review their last single, diverge that just released on 30th Jan 2008. Oh Yeah for information they’re going to release another single this march titled Giri Giri Hero

OMG! I just realised! This song is gorgeus! I hate it when i heard it for the first time, coz it’s so humble. But! Now I’m so into diverge

Score : 8.7/10

I love this song! It’s so mihimaru GT-ish! eegana! but now I love diverge more!!

Score : 8.5/10

OVERALL : 8.6/10

PV – diverge

The PV is so autumn-ish! but too bad i don’t really like the part they perform on that random stage!? but Hiroko is so cute there *Giggle*. WATCH IT NOW! (YouTube)

SCORE : 9/10


2 comments on “mihimaru GT : you should hear!

  1. I love Mihimaru GT!

    you’re darn right, Fred..their music is totally different from other singer!

    their song that i heard for the first time is “H.P.S.J”.love it so much!!

    go, Mihimaru GT!!

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