[SINGLE] Ayumi Hamasaki : Mirrorcle World

Oh! My! God!
Before the covers of ayu-mi-x’ is out, there’s gonna be another single of this robot (hehehe, good! now ayu’s fan gonna kick me on butt). It’s titled Mirrorcle World, It will be released in 8th April 2008. She will release it as her celebration of her 10th anniversary in singing career.

It has 4 different versions! Each contains CD and CD+DVD version
4 songs used :
Mirrorcle Word
seems it’s a re-sing of Mirror, the 1st track from her last album
an old song, she will re-sing it
Depend On You
another old re-sing song, she had re-sung this song in her 1st compilation album, A BEST
Another new song from this single. Only this song that has no Music Video

For more information :
Ayu’s Official Website


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