BoA : THE FACE hits No.1 in Oricon Chart

BoA’s 6th Japanese Album THE FACE has just released on 02/27/08. And It hits No.1 in Oricon Weekly Chart! It makes BoA as the only artist has 6 No.1 album consecutively after Ayumi Hamasaki with 8 No.1 Albums, but since Ayumi’s GUILTY didn’t reach No.1 BoA got a chance to beat her! Go BoA!


13 comments on “BoA : THE FACE hits No.1 in Oricon Chart

  1. congratulations BoA!

    oh can you make a review for utada hikaru’s new album heart station!

    and another review for namie amuro’s new single 60s70s80s. I love her!

  2. Hmm hopefully she will break it! SHE SHOULD RELEASE MORE hittin’ singles and new songs in her album coz MIT’s is like meeh

  3. aaah ayumi hamasaki!
    mihimaru gt will be a groovy one!
    or might be -___- Koda Kumi..

    HM yup EXILE is a good one!
    namie amuro…?
    don’t really like her song, easily get bored>.<

  4. Huh? Really ? Ken hirai? Whoohoo! I’m hoping for a strong ballads,
    jef, i dun think u listen to ken -_-,

    boa x ayu = nuclir !
    Im postin wif cellphone! xD

  5. i said ken hirai is the only japanese male singer I’D listen to. I’d = I would.
    doesn’t mean that i’m already listening to his songs.


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