BoA : THE FACE Special Events, Goods, Written & Video Message


01. “THE FACE special event for album buyers” for those buying the album at TSUYAYA RECORDS chain store, will receive a “paper” (I’m tired and I’ve forgotten English) and if they are lucky enough that “paper” (similar to those of the lottery) will allow them to attend a special event on May 6th. 600 people will be elected and they can assist with a companion (1200 people in total will attend.)

02. “Dream Live 2008” for SOUL members we have this special event on March 6th in Chiba. It’s a 3 hour event (7pm-10pm) to which SOUL members who register through the Internet may assist with a companion. (Budonkadonk have you already registered?)


Check it out!


“Hi everyone, I’m BoA. Have you already listened to my new album 「THE FACE」? With this release there are also some commemorative goods available that match/combine with the album
There are 3 different covers for this album and using them we have created some mirrors. In them you can look at my different face expressions. You can buy the one you like the most or for those who can make up their mind there’s also a special set which includes a case and the 3 mirrors. Check them!!”

credit : SOUL, Avex Point Club,, Carlo @ BJ, BoA’s Jewelry Box


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