BoA : THE FACE NINKI Rank Prediction

This survey done by Oricon. So there’s a chance that BoA might do better or worse than this prediction.

Albums :
01 183.40 BoA
02 70.70 Celine Dion
03 50.70 MEGARYU
04 37.00 Janet Jackson
05 34.10 Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
06 34.00 Sarah Brightman
07 29.20 10-FEET
08 27.70 Akina Nakamori
09 26.30 Nightmare
10 25.20 Yukari Tamura

Oricon predicts that THE FACE will sell 183,40 copies in its first week.

For Your Information:

230,590 copies (first week sales)
932,000 copies (total sales)

615,000 copies (first week sales)
1,249,000 copies(total sales)

296,781 copies (first week sales)
654,000 copies (total sales)

489,067 copies (first week sales)
1,100,000 copies (total sales)

220,000 copies (first week sales)
428,000 copies (total sales)

182,009 copies (first week sales)
348,093 copies (total sales)

Oricon predicts that THE FACE‘s first week sales will outsell MADE IN TWENTY’s first week sales. But it still lower than the other of her previous album, such as VALENTI.

So, Please SUPPORT BoA and buy this album!

credits: bleach11 of boajjang and jpopmusicforum, boamotion of BH, BoA’s Jewelry Box


4 comments on “BoA : THE FACE NINKI Rank Prediction

  1. I hope your kidding because I would seriously cry… lol… but not as much as I cried upon hearing Hikki’s new single only debuted at #3…

  2. Hmm sorry I’ve edited the typo,
    Whoah, hikki hits the 3rd place? That’s even better than BoA’s be with you.. Hehehe

    I’m not a big fan of Hikki BTW

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