[ALBUM] Koda Kumi : Works & Remix Best Collaboration tracklist (unofficial)

I found this tracklist spreaded onto the internet like everywhere!!

So I think it might be true (tracklist order undecided)

Collaboration :
SWITCH feat. LISA & Heartsdales
Rainy Day feat. KM-MARKIT
Super Sonic feat. Daisuke D.I. Imai
JOY -meets Koda Kumi- feat. TRF
the meaning of peace feat. BoA
Just Go feat. JHETT a.k.a. YAKKO for AQUARIUS
Simple & Lovely feat. m-flo
Swallowtail Butterfly~Ai no Uta~ (Original song from YEN TOWN BAND)
Get It On

Remix :
Take Back -Johnatan Peters Radio Mix-
Birthday Eve -remix-
Cherry Girl -Space Cowboy Remix-
Futari de… -WHOOSH MIX-
Run For Your Life -Kaskade Remix-


9 comments on “[ALBUM] Koda Kumi : Works & Remix Best Collaboration tracklist (unofficial)

  1. Get it on, venus, and WE WILL ROCK YOU aren’t colabs.

    they are “works…” I guess….

    I hope its the full thing; not just CM length.

    I’m surprised they put “Get It On” on this, that was only offered to those who bought all of her “12 Singles Collection.” you’d thing they’d be like “HELL NO BITCHES YOU DIDN’T BUY THE SINGLES.”

    But then again, they did that with “You ~Piano Version~ [from: KODA KUMI REMIX ALBUM]

  2. lol i got this ingfo so long time ago, it has changed maybe LOL, XD wow again? you has a new version, I used to love that song XS

  3. I don’t know. This was on her main site back in January, but then it was taken down. They said that it would be delayed and when it would come out would be pushed.

    If it does come out…I CAN’T WAIT TO HERE THE FULL VERSION OF “WE WILL ROCK YOU” and “Venus.”


    Sortie : 06/08/2008

    Tracklist :
    01. HOT STUFF – 倖田來未
    02. Swallowtail Butterfly ~ai no uta~ – 倖田來未 feat.Chara
    03. Koware Kake no Radio – 倖田來未 feat.Tokunaga Hideaki
    04. I FEEL LOVE – 倖田來未 feat.BLUE MAN GROUP
    05. THE CHRISTMAS SONG – 倖田來未 feat.Orquestra De La Luz
    06. We Will Rock You – 倖田來未
    07. TRUE LOVE – 倖田來未 feat.Fujii Fumiya
    08. Atashi Nande Dakishimetai n Darou – 倖田來未 feat.Chara
    09. VENUS – 倖田來未
    10. Lion Heart – 倖田來未 feat.SMAP
    11. Get It On – 倖田來未
    12. Tsubasa wo Kudasai – 倖田來未 feat.GAKU-MC
    13. Swallowtail Butterfly ~ai no uta~ – 倖田來未 [BONUS TRACK

    Sortie : 01/08/2008

    Tracklist :
    01. SWITCH – 倖田來未 feat.LISA&Heartsdales
    02. Rainy Day – 倖田來未 feat.KM-MARKIT
    03. Super Sonic – 倖田來未 feat.Daisuke D.I. Imai
    04. JOY – 倖田來未 meets TRF
    05. the meaning of peace – 倖田來未 feat.BoA
    06. Just Go – 倖田來未 feat.JHETT
    07. Simple & Lovely – 倖田來未 feat.m-flo
    08. Every-After-Party – 倖田來未 feat.Rather Unique
    09. Be mine – 倖田來未 feat.99% Radio Allstars
    10. Twinkle – 倖田來未 feat.Show Luo
    11. BELIEVE – 倖田來未 feat.DJ Yutaka
    12. XXX – 倖田來未 feat.SOULHEAD
    13. Everybody – 倖田來未 feat.SMAP [BONUS TRACK]

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