[ALBUM] BoA : THE FACE Review+Download+News

Review :

Oh My God! This album starts with such a wonderful song! The Instrument, the melody, the rythm, the vocal…All perfect. The music starts with club basses and the chorus is extremely groovy! It’s BoA’s another great song! This song also used for shampoo CM Song, too bad It has no Music Video, The CM looks gorgeus hahaha

SCORE : 9.7/10

02. Sweet Impact
Beautifully after AGGRESSIVE, Sweet Impact attacks us with a dancy flow. The Intro (first Chorus) sounds so humble but when she sings the second chorus, the instrument changed and flow gorgeusly!

SCORE : 9/10

03. My Way, Your Way feat. WISE
Well, the Instrument sounds familiar with no more make me sick, basicly this song is good. But the Instrument ruins it, wait! It doesn’t ruin it, but it sounds so…not special. And the chorus is not so strong, but the Intro part is way so catchy!
WISE voice also build this song pretty strong! I love the part when BoA and WISE sing together in the bridge part!

SCORE : 8.5/10

04. be with you.
After listening to the spring accoustic mix, this song grows faster on me, now I love this song more than what I’ve mentioned.

SCORE : 9.5/10

05. LOSE YOUR MIND feat. Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA
This song is hot! Sexy! and Catchy! don’t need to say anything!

SCORE : 10/10

06. Girl In The Mirror
Say O! So Hip Hop-ish! I love when BoA sings this kind of song! though LOSE YOUR MIND.is hotter, but this song burns me up

SCORE : 9.6/10

07. Happy Birthday
It’s a perfect birthday song, It’s cute and sounds so happy! The Instrument sounds so fresh and cool! I LOVE THIS SONG!

SCORE : 9.5/10

08. Diamond Heart
I think it’s BoA’s last powerful dance song from 2007, I love every part from this song! The Chorus is so strong! And yeah, the title something that we put into our Jewelry’s Box right? Hehehe

SCORE : 9.6/10

though it’s different from her previous ballads such as Meri Kuri or Winter Love, She sings so strong here! BoA steals my heart
once again with her angelic voice, the chorus is so! OH! GORGEUS!

SCORE : 10/10

I love the beginning of this song, I think it will be a deep dark song (I really wait for that kind of song from BoA). yup! I love the Intro, Instrument, and the way she sings. But, the chorus… BRAVE~~~ breaks my thought off. It’s not bad! but just… WHY SHE DOESN’T SING A BETTER KIND OF CHORUS!? SHE SANG THE PERFECT INTRO ALREADY! The song is good! but kind of heart breaking.

SCORE : 8.7/10

11. ?????????! (Gyappu Niyarareta!)
The title means Victim of Fear! I thought it will be a dark-rock song ( I wait for BoA’s rock song too XD), but it’s a cute song, very very cute lol! Good song afterall! I love the funny sounds from the instrument, and she sings the chorus perfectly!
Again! her English sounds clearer! GO BoA!

SCORE : 9/10

12. Style
The Instrument is cool! and so is the singing! It’s sexy! Hot!, I heard the this song is written by the same writer of Lady Galaxy and OUTGROW ~ready butterfly~. it equals to Lady Galaxy but It can’t beat OUTGROW! hahaha

SCORE : 9.8/10

13. Smile Again
very very powerful ballads! The Intro leads the song beautifully to its Powerful Chorus, but I love be with you. better.

SCORE : 9.2/10

14. Beautiful Flowers
A perfect cute song! The Orchestra is so DAMN cool! it shows BoA’s real cuteness! Don’t know why it sounds so HOMELAND-ish reminds me to a natural and fresh Village. just sounds so fresh, the second Orchestra part (the bridge) sounds even DAMNER-cooler!
Love this song! It’s my taste afterall

SCORE : 10/10

15. Best Friends
A noteable ballads, very soft but somehowly strong! The chorus sounds so so good! BoA’s Angelic voice is Re-awakes LOL! AND! The bridge also also DANG excellent! sounds kind of painful but somehowly sounds like a hope-giver.

SCORE : 9.3/10

16. Hey Boy. Hey Girl feat. SEAMO
though BoA’s voice sounds pretty weak, I love this song! Cute Piano’s sound back ups this song. I’s basicly good! Hahahaha I love when SEAMO sings together with BoA!Too bad the MV does not included in this album meh!

SCORE : 9/10

OVERALL : 9.4/10
It’s perfect album! should buy it! Even you’re not a BoA fan, at least you buy CD only version! But can you miss LOSE YOUR MIND sexy music Video!? BoA’s and m-flo performance? Buy The +DVD Version! I Can’t miss this album! though it leaks pretty early (not pretty! but extremely)
it still sounds so fresh after all the time!

Download : (Whole Album/ Seperated)

News : THE FACE hits No.1 on HMV Charts

With BoA’s latest album “The Face” up for reservations, it topped the HMV Album charts, surpassing Japan’s top artists such as Hamasaki Ayumi and L’Arc en Ciel. The outlook for BoA’s new album seems to be on a good start. Let’s just hope this trend continues on!

credit : onesingletear & BoA’s House


4 comments on “[ALBUM] BoA : THE FACE Review+Download+News

  1. Yup this ALBUM is perfect just like What I’ve mentioned!

    I’m going to buy it too

    When the singaporean version released?

  2. in this new album, i love “Girl in the Mirror” so much. but the rest of them (i mean the songs), i just can’t feel the “whoaa” feelings.but this album is nice!!love it.

    by the way, this blog is so cool!you go, dude!!!

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