[SINGLE] be with you. review

01. be with you.
The Intro of this song is so promising. It starts with very soft piano rhytm and string guitar.
BoA’s Vocal also starts gorgeusly, Too bad the Chorus comes weakly… but after hear it over and over,it just grows and grows on me! Her voice in the chorus is BLOODY STRONG! It makes me shiver fo her gorgeusness.The most affective part of this song is the ‘Bridge’, It leads to the last chorus beautifully!
Score : 9/10

02. precious
Oh My God! The Intro sounds so perfect, BoA’s voice also sounds good and promisingat the beginning. Just like 5 seconds before the chorus, It sounds so strong but when the chorus is coming…The melody goes down and…downThe. Chorus is not bad, but It’s also not that good! It’s weak but it has a strong aspect in it, It sounds so touching and I love the part when she sings “Coz I found the only love, Finally”. Her English is growing!
SCORE : 7.5/10

OVERALL : 8.25/10
It’s a good Single afterall, it contains THE FACE Documentaion DVD, but It doesnt contain any MV. precious won’t be appear in ‘THE FACE’ so buy th single to hear BoA’s English Improvement :-p


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