Hidden Gem: Sheva

Hey, I know I haven’t been here like FOREVER, college has been keeping me busy doing stuffs I dislike, lol. Anyway I’m going to review a band from Indonesia, which is the first time I’m doing it here. So here we go:

Sheva, a new local Indonesian band my friend has just formed. To be completely honest I’ve never really given any Indonesia’s music a chance, but this one is an exception. I gave them a try and BAM! I was drowned into their pool of melodic and rich musical performance. So far they’ve released 3 songs digitally and 2 of them are open to download for free.

[audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/4/2933520/Sheva%20-%20Pulang.mp3]

I will start with Pulang which literally means Go Home. Pulang is a soft ballad that attracts me the most out of the 3 tracks they’ve released so far. It consists a very well-arranged soft acoustic musics. It starts out soft with a terrific piano which reminds me of Evanescence‘s past works, and gradually a very crispy acoustic guitar makes its entrance. The strongest strength from this track is its bridge when all the fire and tensions are built as the drums start to play its role. The music is terrific and so enjoyable, I’m not crazy about the vocal though, but I love his technique, it’s just he lacks some power in it, put more power in it and the song will be just delicately perfect. Oh, and the rhyming is genius, I haven’t heard many Indonesian song with meaningful rhyming words, so this song is just brilliant. I Applaud the writer.

Unlike the previous track, the other 2 tracks are a lot more fun and upbeat, I’ll start with Titik Terang (I don’t really know what’s the best translation for this, maybe Bright Spot O_o it sounds hell lotta more poetic in Indonesian though). It’s a very fun track with summer vibes in it, the music is rich and really easy to enjoy to. On the other hand Serenade, the latest song they have released, seems to be more like fiery and energetic. Serenade is the kind of song when the chorus starts you’ll feel something inside of you burning up, which is the kind of music I love. i love the vocal in this song, it’s done pretty well. I don’t know why but both tracks keep reminding me to Paramore‘s music when they just started out, mostly probably because of the of the piano, guitar and the drums. I also feel some serious Bon Jovi influences in their musical touch. J’adore.

To sum it up, all of the tracks consist a very RICH musical performance which I adore. They totally worth a shot! visit their ReverbNation page to listen to all of their songs or follow them on Twitter @ShevaBand. Sheva is currently working on their EP, I just can’t wait.


Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

Jason Mraz new single, even though it’s new it’s still Mraz’ simple music which sounds memorable and sweet. Unlike the previous song released. I Won’t Give Up tends to get more attention from its listener. The lyrics and melodies are kept simple and sweet with a little addition of choirs. He might not a powerhouse singer, but his vocal range is still pretty wide and it’s a good thing to add to this song. I Won’t Give Up is served with variety notes from low to high and everything is hit just right and sweet. Unlike the melody the lyrics are less inspiring but it’s still sweet though.

And just like them old stars
I see that you’ve come so far
To be right where you are

Download it now, and remember to purchase the song if you like it to support this artist. If the link is down please tweet to @DaddyFredy

BoA – Milestone – Single Review

Milestone is BoA’s 31st Japanese single, it’s a long awaited single for her fans around the globe since she hasn’t been releasing any new tracks, due her shooting of upcoming Hollywood dance movie called COBU 3D which is produced by the man behind Step Up, Duane Adler. Milestone was released on 7 Dec 11. it was a success radio hit, but it’s not selling very well physically. It also peaked at no.7  in Japan Hot 100 chart.

The single itself only contains 1 new song, the other 2 tracks featured had been released before (I SEE ME & メリクリ ~BEST & USA Version~). The first track, Milestone is a soothing ballad track that features simple piano melody. This song itself almost sounds like its own version of piano acoustic that no drums or any beat enhancer were used. Her vocal wasn’t as powerful as her ballad standard back in 2007 and before, you know, puberty. Eventhough it’s not a powerhouse ballad track which was BoA’s forté back in her teenage days, Milestone successfully delivers an emotional messages of lonelinesses and struggles she had been through the years, even I have no idea what she was saying until I read the lyrics translation. This is a great example of a saying that says Don’t let languages be your barrier (or something like that) she able to emote through language barrier which is awesome.

Every time the season changes
The world gets ahead of the feeling
My ‘Milestone’ will never be shaken
Because I keep a record every time…

Personally, Milestone is not my favorite ballad of BoA but it gave me a goosebumps at the first listen. It’s a great ballad.

In the other hand I SEE ME provides more jazzy and mature instrumentals and a wider vocal range. I SEE ME is an OK song, it’s pretty good for the few first listens. And the rendition of her phenomenal ballad, メリクリ is added as well. It was kind of pointless of adding the BEST & USA version that had already released in her album back in 2009, It’s a very good track though. It’s more likely the deeper version of メリクリ sung in feminine nasal voice. But her nasal voice works just fine in this single, no complain of her nasality in her single here.

I can provide the download link, just ask @DaddyFredy and I’ll upload it for you. Remember to purchase it by yourself. I do!

Taio Cruz – Hangover (feat. Flo Rida) Review + Lyrics

Hay y’all it’s been a while right!? I’ve been pretty busy with college (well it’s not that I’m busy or what LOL) lately. And the most important part is I’M BACK!! I will try to post at least once a month (probably more of course, it depends though).

So now I’m reviewing Taio Cruz’ brand new single which features Flo Rida our favorite rapper “Hangover”. If there’s a word to describe this song I’d go with “explosive” coz the truth it really is explosive! It’s filled with energy, easy-going melody which will easily loved by its listener. Taio Cruz never fails me, this track has to be one of his best club friendly record, it makes us feel good and I’d be happy dancing to this song whether I’m drunk or not. And Flo Rida’s part is undoubtedly flowing real smooth like a running champagne.

Although, its lyrically immature, but that’s what dance music typical we’re having lately, nobody’s hurt.

 Download link, coming soon... 

Listen to the song here:

[audio  http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/4/2933520/01%20Hangover%20feat.%20Flo%20Rida.mp3]

Lee DeWyze – Live it Up Review

I know it’s been a while. So I haven’t had my chance to greet you all with holiday greeting, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! In 2011 I haven’t lost my obsession over American Idol singers, and today I’m bringing Lee DeWyze, the winner of 9th season of AI with his debut album, Live it Up.

At first this album seemed to be a bit weary, but after a few tries I’m totally finding myself enjoying this album much. The album is playful, fun and enjoyable, though it’s not an outstanding album and this album could sound pretty bland. No head-banging tracks, all tracks are mainly mid-tempo. Lee DeWyze has a powerful voice IMO, but this album doesn’t really show his all, but he did use his skillful singing skill which sounds harmonious.

The first single, Sweet Serendipity didn’t attract me so much. Yes, I can agree on that it sounds sweet but it sounds way to generic for a leading single, this album has a lot more stronger potentials than Sweet Serendipity. I’d like to recommend Dear Isabelle, Stay Here, Me And My Jealousy (My current favorite), and Earth Stood Still.

Afterall, Live it Up is an average album, it’s fun, enjoyable it’s good. Eventhough he’s not a country singer, you country music lover should give him a shot, he worths it.